Best shows of 2009

This year I didn't go to as much shows as previous years. In 2009 I saw 28 concerts (in the last few years I went to between 40 and 55 concerts). The ironic part is, that the number is quite a bit ...

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Violent Demise @ P3, Purmerend

Last thursday was the first show of Violent Demise, a new metal band with members from Purmerend and the Zaanstad area. While I'm not a big metal fan, we had to go as their bassplayer Daan is also ...

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Sons of Albion, Velvet Revolver @ Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam

Last wednesday I went to see Velvet Revolver. As it turns out now it was the last show of Velvet Revolver with Scott Weiland.

Sons of Albion was okay, but not quite ready yet for the big league. ...

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Peter Pan Speedrock, The Goods, The Untuned @ De Kade

Local band The Untuned (sadly only very blurry photos) opened up this evening. Mostly veterans of hard and harder bands. Good songs, but a bit too static stage act.

Next band, The Goods are one of ...

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Triggerfinger, The Quotes, Claw Boys Claw@ Waerdse Tempel

A short post for a long evening. For the 12.5 year anniversary of music magazine LiveXS about 15 bands played in the Waerdse Tempel in Heerhugowaard.

I saw about 7 of those. A few were very good ...

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Blood Red Shoes, Sugarettes @ Ekko

Opening band The Sugarettes had a bit of an Belgian indie thing going on. They reminded me of Sonic Youth or the Pixies if those bands had come from Antwerp.

The Sugarettes

I had ...

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The Quotes, Beatsteaks @ Melkweg - Lo-Lite, Sack-o'-woes @ Paradiso

It was a busy night for rock'n'roll: first to the Melkweg for The Quotes and Beatsteaks, then to Club Hell in the Paradiso for Lo-Lite and Sack-o'-Woes.

Standing ...

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Pantherland, Verbod , 21 Gun Salute @ Impuls

Here are some pictures from the show in the Impuls last night. Three local hardcore/punk bands played there yesterday.

21 Gun Salute

The first band was 21 Gun Salute, a new band in the ...

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Coheed and Cambria, San Andreas @ Tivoli, Utrecht

San Andreas played a nice set. A bit too much by the numbers emocore for my tastes, but definitely one of the better Dutch bands in the genre.

San Andreas

I've seen Coheed and Cambria ...

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Pantherland, Midian, Fearless Skies @ De Kade

Last friday local rehearsal studio Jottum had their yearly party in De Kade. About 12 local bands played.

When I arrived Fearless Skies was already playing. A new local punk band. They play modern ...

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Rene SG, Malkovich @ Winston

Gelukkig heb ik vrienden die wel opletten wanneer er leuke bands komen, anders was ik het jaar niet zo goed begonnen. Twee van mijn favoriete Nederlandse bands op één avond: Rene SG en ...

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The Prunella Scales, The Jugs @ Dukdalf

Een aardig endje rijden over een van de saaiste snelwegen leidde ons vorige week zaterdag naar Wieringerwerf.

Zaterdagavond in Wieringwerf. Weinig plaatsen zijn zo weinig enerverend. Op zoek naar ...

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Hydromatics, Blowfly @ Maloe Melo

Afgelopen maandag speelde een band die ik al tijden lang live wilde zien eindelijk in Amsterdam.

The Hydromatics, ooit begonnen als side-project van Tony Slug (Nitwitz, ex-Spades), Scott Morgan ...

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Peter Pan Speedrock @ Desmet Studios - Rene SG @ OT301

Het was een heftig avondje speedrock afgelopen donderdag. Eerst naar de showcase van Peter Pan Speedrock in de Desmet Studios.

In de top 10 van de bands die ik het meest live gezien heb, staan ...

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Atreides, Playground Fire, 161 @ De Kade

Wat foto's gemaakt afgelopen vrijdag bij het concert van Atreides, Playground Fire en 161.

De band C/4 speelde ook, maar om de laatste trein te halen, moesten wij al weg. Ik vraag me sowieso af ...

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Maximum RNR & The Spades @ Bitterzoet

De Canadese malloten van Maximum RNR:

Denvis en zijn kornuiten van The Spades:

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The Chelsea Smiles @ Winston

De Rawberries uit Rotterdam:

De Italiaans Duitse Utrechtenaren van Subwoofer Testing Days:

Een van mijn nieuwe favoriete bands, The Chelsea Smiles:

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Powerfest @ Melkweg

De 1e paar bands van Powerfest lieten we aan ons voorbij gaan. Skapunk-bandjes trek ik echt niet op de vroege zondagmiddag.

De 1e band die we zagen was The Sleeping. Leuke band. Deed me een beetje ...

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Max´mo Park @ Melkweg

Voor het eerst na de verbouwing van de Melkweg ben ik in de Max. Het ziet er allemaal goed uit, maar mijn favoriete plek is niet zo prettig meer.
Voor de verbouwing stond ik meestal links of rechts ...

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The Sunshine Underground @ Melkweg

Dankzij Knoedel van kon ik mee naar The Sunshine Underground in de Melkweg.

Het zoals in de eeuwenoude Britse traditie tot de volgende grote belofte gebombardeerd in Engeland is ...

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Sack-o'-Woes, Kift @ de Kade

Beter laat dan nooit...

De Stucadelics:
sfeervolle new-wave

Daarna the Sack-o'-Woes, lekkere garage punk / hardcore.

Als 3e de Kift, tja, fanfare punk is ...

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The Quotes, Alex Face @ Bitterzoet

Toen ik binnenkwam was het nog vrij rustig in Bitterzoet. De vage lounge-muziek leek niet veel goeds te voorspellen. Ach ja, voor de DJ was het ook maandagavond.

Tegen de tijd dat eerste band ...

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Buckcherry @ Paradiso

Soms vraag je je echt af of mensen wel geluisterd hebben naar de bands in kwestie als ze ze op één avond programmeren. Zo vroegen wij ons af wie bedacht had dat Green Lizard & Buckcherry een goede ...

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Billy Talent @ Melkweg

Het voorprogramma, Jeremy's, kon me niet echt boeien. Standaard jaren '90 skatepunk, die zelfs niet spannender werd door de schaars geklede zangeres.

Billy Talent maakte het gelukkig helemaal goed ...

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Black Keys in Tivoli

Helaas hebben we van the Black Angels alleen de laatste paar minuten meegepikt.

The Black Keys waren wel erg goed, dus het was zeker de moeite waard.

Vergelijkingen met The ...

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Les Anges, Triggerfinger

Twee van de betere Belgische rockbands in de Paradiso.

Eerst Les Anges uit Brussel. Eerder bekend onder de naam Hulk, maar waarschijnlijk om rechtzaken uit de VS te voorkomen, en na het toevoegen ...

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Gig Review: The Bullfight, LPG

Aangezien we in Groningen waren, konden we ook wel een avondje Vera doen. Daar was de Dutch Indie Singles Club, met deze keer The Bullfight en LPG.

The Bullfight was de opener van de avond. ...

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Gig Review: Drunk Tank, No Trigger, A Wilhelm Scream

Een leuk gratis concert in de Melkweg: A Wilhelm Scream. Ik had ze eerder gezien als voorprogramma van Rise Against. Toen waren ze minder goed dan ik naar aanleiding van hun album gedacht ...

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Kanipchen-fit & Rene SG at the OCCII

When Kanipchen-fit entered the stage I was afraid we would get some arty farty crap. Luckily the duo with their combination of drum computer, vocals and guitar was pretty good. The rhythms where ...

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Gig Review: the Sedan Vault, the Datsuns

Probably chosen because of the car-themed name instead of any musical similarity, the Sedan Vault proved to be a mismatch as opening act for the Datsuns.

I must admit the Belgian band could have ...

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Pictures of the Curtains, Paralyzed and Atreides

A quick post with some pictures of the Atreides, Curtains & Paralyzed gig of last saterday. A small venue + lots of enthusiastic people = Cool show.

The Curtains and their Terrifying ...

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Pictures of Atreides & Paralyzed

Just a quick post with some pictures of the Atreides and Paralyzed gig. Despite the efforts of de Koe, the venue where the gig was, most of the audience existed of just the two bands. Luckily ...

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Review & Pictures: Aiden, Blind Trash, Waterdown

Last Tuesday there was a free concert for year members at the Melkweg. Usually this means lots of old rockers, but the mentioning of emo in the description of the bands on the Melkweg site must have ...

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Pictures of Skip the Rush

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to my original hometown Edam to got to the Singelfestival. When heard they would play, we thought it would be a good opportunity to combine a good meal at my ...

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Pictures of Atreides, Dismissed, Paralyzed and the Curtains

Last friday I went to a gig of my girlfriend's band Paralyzed together with Atreides, Dismissed and the Curtains and Their Terrifying Story. We just got a new camera, so we took it with us to try it ...

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Gig Review: A Wilhelm Scream, Rise Against

The first band, Berri Txarrak was a Basque alternative rock band. Some of their songs sounded like a System of a Down rip-off, while other songs were more melodic punk. The sound during their gig was ...

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Gig Review: the D-Sailors, the Bouncing Souls

My girlfriend and I had bought tickets for the Thursday gig tonight. They would play together with the Bouncing Souls and Pennywise, 2 bands I don't exactly care for anymore.

We should have ...

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Gig Review: Trashlight Vision, Supagroup, Backyard Babies

Backyard Babies, one of my favorites in the garage punk genre played the Patronaat, so a couple of friends and I decided to go there.

The first opening band, Trashlight Vision, was expecially good ...

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Gig Review: Thrice, Hundred Reasons

It's been a bit too long since I updated this journal, so I have plenty of shows to review. I'll keep 'm short so I can catch up quickly.

More than a month ago we went to see Thrice in the ...

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Gig Review: Beatallica, the Punkles

Last week I went to the ultimate Beatles tribute with a couple of friends. Both the Punkles and Beatallica played.

The Punkles are the love child of the Ramones and the Beatles. Nice idea, you'd ...

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Gig Review: Mother's Finest

One of the most underappreciated bands ever played in the Melkweg last week.

Mother's Finest has rocked stages since the 70s, but somehow never made it real big. One of the few ...

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Gig Review: WormPop

Just a short review.

Still don't understand why they won the Winston Popprijs preliminary. A mediocre mix of grungre, punk and ska. Especially the vocals need work. My main advice to ...

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Gig Review: Regionaal Kabaal

Friday April 21st Paralyzed participated in the 4th and last preliminary of the Regionaal Kabaal contest at Donkey in Heemskerk. Together with 4 other bands they competed for a place in the ...

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Gig Review: Reputation, Sonic Litter, the Nitwitz

Last wednesday three punk rock / garage punk bands played at the Winston in Amsterdam. There wasn't exactly a big turnout: the audience consisted mainly of the bands, the Amsterdam chapter of the ...

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Gig Review: The Curtains

Last friday my girlfriend and I went to see Atreides and the Curtains And Their Terrifying Story play at SCWO in Wormer.

Unfortunatly we arrived during the last few chords of the last Atreides ...

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Gig Review: Federation X

At the same night as the Wally Tax memorial in the Melkweg the American band Federation X would also play. Described by the Melkweg as a bizarre trio of extreme trailer park rejects, my interest was ...

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Gig Review: Skip the Rush

Skip the Rush, one of the best Dutch bands of the moment, played an all acoustic set in café de Koe in Amsterdam this Sunday afternoon. Together with one of her band members, my girlfriend and I went ...

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Gig Review: Thin Lizzy

Together with my friends Raoul and Rob and their girlfriends I went to see Thin Lizzy at Paradiso, Amsterdam. Of ...

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Gig Review: Danko Jones

Together with my girlfriend and her father I went to see Danko Jones playing at the Melkweg last Thursday. It was the 8th time I saw Danko Jones live, and he still manages to impress me.

As always ...

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Gig review: Boy Sets Fire, Tribute To Nothing

Hell is for Heroes canceled citing 'logistical problems', whatever that means. Luckily both Boy Sets Fire and Tribute To Nothing gave very good performances.

Tribute To Nothing is a rather young ...

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Gig Review: Bullet For My Valentine, The Maple Room

Last Wednesday my girlfriend and I went to the Melkweg for the Bullet For My Valentine show. The opening band was The Maple Room, a Belgian emocore band. I had listened to the songs on their Myspace ...

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Gig Review: Noordhollands Glorie Zaandam 2006

Yesterday I went to the Zaandam preliminary of the Noordhollands Glorie; eight local and mostly young bands competing for a place in the finals. Three out of eight bands played recently at the Local ...

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Gig Review: Coheed And Cambria, JR Ewing

It sucked to hear that the show of Thrice and Coheed And Cambria together was canceled, but luckily both bands still were planning to come to Amsterdam. I just hoped the support acts of the bands ...

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Gig Review: Local Big Shots 3

Last Friday I went to Local Big Shots 3 at de Kade in Zaandam to see some of the local bands. I must admit that due to meeting my friend Derek aka Derman Luger of the ...

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Gig Review: Jawohl! Super Super Toll!

Friday 27th january my girlfriend dragged me to Wormerveer as she had a gig there. Together with Der Einzelgńngers and the Curtains And Their Terrifying Story her band Paralyzed ...

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