It was long overdue: After 3 years, finally got a new design. A fresh start for the new year!

People have better screens and better browsers than in 2006, so it was time to make ...

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The best posts of 2008

It's been a good year for Ok, the year isn;t over yet, but we're nearly there.

The site got an average of about 800 visits each month. In total I got a bit more than 16.000 page ...

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Nieuw domein

Zo, eindelijk een eigen domein:

voortaan op ipv

Binnenkort ook maar wat posts. :)

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Gigs added II

In the shows sections visible in the left column, bands, venues and cities are now all clickable. They link to pages showing all shows respectively from the band, in the venue or in the city you ...

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Gigs added

To keep track of all the music shows I go to, I hacked together a small database. For the last few years it's pretty much complete.

I'm now trying to combine my blog and the concert database into ...

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