Blood Red Shoes, Sugarettes @ Ekko

Opening band The Sugarettes had a bit of an Belgian indie thing going on. They reminded me of Sonic Youth or the Pixies if those bands had come from Antwerp.

The Sugarettes

I had ...

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Band promotion 101

So, you found some like-minded musicians, got a cool band name, wrote your first few songs: You're ready for world domination. There's just one slight problem: nobody knows your band even ...

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The Quotes, Beatsteaks @ Melkweg - Lo-Lite, Sack-o'-woes @ Paradiso

It was a busy night for rock'n'roll: first to the Melkweg for The Quotes and Beatsteaks, then to Club Hell in the Paradiso for Lo-Lite and Sack-o'-Woes.

Standing ...

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Great 60s bands from the 21st century

Everyone knows great music was made in the 60s. American rock'n'roll and rhythm and blues influenced British beat music which in turn inspired American garage rock bands like the Sonics and The ...

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Using to promote your band in 6 easy steps is a great site for music listeners, but it also has great potential for bands to promote their music. In this article I'll show how you can promote your music using In this article ...

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