Pantherland, Verbod , 21 Gun Salute @ Impuls

Here are some pictures from the show in the Impuls last night. Three local hardcore/punk bands played there yesterday.

21 Gun Salute

The first band was 21 Gun Salute, a new band in the ...

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Coheed and Cambria, San Andreas @ Tivoli, Utrecht

San Andreas played a nice set. A bit too much by the numbers emocore for my tastes, but definitely one of the better Dutch bands in the genre.

San Andreas

I've seen Coheed and Cambria ...

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Pantherland, Midian, Fearless Skies @ De Kade

Last friday local rehearsal studio Jottum had their yearly party in De Kade. About 12 local bands played.

When I arrived Fearless Skies was already playing. A new local punk band. They play modern ...

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Yahoo is dumb

As if it isn't irritating enough you need a Yahoo account to get a Flickr account, Yahoo didn't seem to want me:

"This postal code is not located in the country you selected."

You have to add ...

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10 great Dutch underground bands

The last few years I've seen hundreds of bands, a lot of which were crappy, but some of them are really great. In this post I'll share 10 great Dutch underground bands that deserve more attention. My ...

5 comments | read more » Band Top 10 - January 2008

Quit a while ago I posted about the top 10 bands in my Last.FM Overall Top Artists list. Now, just about 2 years later, I thought I'd post about my current top 10 and the changes in the ...

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2007 als concertbezoeker

2007 was een goed concertjaar. In 2006 had ik 51 concerten bezocht, en mijn doel dit jaar was om dit jaar de 1 concert per week te halen. Dat is me gelukt: Vorig jaar heb ik uiteindelijk 53 concerten ...

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Rene SG, Malkovich @ Winston

Gelukkig heb ik vrienden die wel opletten wanneer er leuke bands komen, anders was ik het jaar niet zo goed begonnen. Twee van mijn favoriete Nederlandse bands op één avond: Rene SG en ...

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