Gig Review: Beatallica, the Punkles

Last week I went to the ultimate Beatles tribute with a couple of friends. Both the Punkles and Beatallica played.

The Punkles are the love child of the Ramones and the Beatles. Nice idea, you'd ...

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Weird birds

Even though I've seen groups of these birds behind our house for the last few months, it's still weird to see wild parakeets in Amsterdam.

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Gig Review: Mother's Finest

One of the most underappreciated bands ever played in the Melkweg last week.

Mother's Finest has rocked stages since the 70s, but somehow never made it real big. One of the few ...

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Gig Review: WormPop

Just a short review.

Still don't understand why they won the Winston Popprijs preliminary. A mediocre mix of grungre, punk and ska. Especially the vocals need work. My main advice to ...

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