Gig Review: Regionaal Kabaal

Friday April 21st Paralyzed participated in the 4th and last preliminary of the Regionaal Kabaal contest at Donkey in Heemskerk. Together with 4 other bands they competed for a place in the ...

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Beware, the streets are unsafe!

Keep your kids and grandparents of the streets:

I finally got my driver's license!

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Gig Review: Reputation, Sonic Litter, the Nitwitz

Last wednesday three punk rock / garage punk bands played at the Winston in Amsterdam. There wasn't exactly a big turnout: the audience consisted mainly of the bands, the Amsterdam chapter of the ...

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Gig Review: The Curtains

Last friday my girlfriend and I went to see Atreides and the Curtains And Their Terrifying Story play at SCWO in Wormer.

Unfortunatly we arrived during the last few chords of the last Atreides ...

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Gig Review: Federation X

At the same night as the Wally Tax memorial in the Melkweg the American band Federation X would also play. Described by the Melkweg as a bizarre trio of extreme trailer park rejects, my interest was ...

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Gig Review: Skip the Rush

Skip the Rush, one of the best Dutch bands of the moment, played an all acoustic set in café de Koe in Amsterdam this Sunday afternoon. Together with one of her band members, my girlfriend and I went ...

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Gig Review: Thin Lizzy

Together with my friends Raoul and Rob and their girlfriends I went to see Thin Lizzy at Paradiso, Amsterdam. Of ...

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10 things I hate about your band's site - Part III

The 3rd installment of my article series about usability issues regarding websites. Also read Part I & Part II.

5. Splash screens

Introduction pages, or splash screens as they're also ...

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