Kanipchen-fit & Rene SG at the OCCII

When Kanipchen-fit entered the stage I was afraid we would get some arty farty crap. Luckily the duo with their combination of drum computer, vocals and guitar was pretty good. The rhythms where ...

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Gig Review: the Sedan Vault, the Datsuns

Probably chosen because of the car-themed name instead of any musical similarity, the Sedan Vault proved to be a mismatch as opening act for the Datsuns.

I must admit the Belgian band could have ...

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Pictures of the Curtains, Paralyzed and Atreides

A quick post with some pictures of the Atreides, Curtains & Paralyzed gig of last saterday. A small venue + lots of enthusiastic people = Cool show.

The Curtains and their Terrifying ...

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