Violent Demise @ P3, Purmerend

Last thursday was the first show of Violent Demise, a new metal band with members from Purmerend and the Zaanstad area. While I'm not a big metal fan, we had to go as their bassplayer Daan is also the bass player of my girlfriend's band Paralyzed (btw: check out their new video).

Violent Demise

While Paralyzed has some metal influences, Violent Demise is his all out metal outfit. I'm no metal subgenre expert, so I have no idea what their exact subgenre of metal is, but it's somewhere between death metal and metalcore.

Violent Demise

They played a very tight set. One of the better first gigs I've seen. They certainly have a great potential. While I'll never be one of their biggest fans (I like my vocals at least semi-comprehensible) I wouldn't be surprised if they're gonna be one of the big metal names in the Netherlands.

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Violent Demise
P3 / Purmerend

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