Poll: do you play in a band?

A lot of the posts I write lately are aimed at people in bands trying to promote their music online. I'm curious about the people visiting this blog.
How many of you actually play in a band?

I'll answer the question myself too. I'm currently in one band, and I'm trying to get another one together.

The first band, The Mieters, plays Nederbeat, the dutch answer to the Mersey Beat of the 60s. (Think early Beatles, Kinks, etc). We're not performing yet, but we started recording our songs. Expect them online soon!

Besides that I'm trying to get a garage rock/punk band together. No name yet, as there isn't even a complete line-up. I hope to have more news on that project soon. (Interested people can always leave a comment or mail me).

What band do you play in? Leave a link to your webpage or myspace in the comments!

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May 18th, 2008 | 15:31

just found your site - great info! We play primarily cover tunes for now - Stones, Talking Heads, U2 - we love to rock!

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