Sons of Albion, Velvet Revolver @ Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam

Last wednesday I went to see Velvet Revolver. As it turns out now it was the last show of Velvet Revolver with Scott Weiland.

Sons of Albion was okay, but not quite ready yet for the big league. They should hit the smaller concert halls first.
They played alternative rock/metal in the style of Jane's Addiction and A Perfect Circle.

Too long pauses between the songs really messed up the show. The stage seemed too big for them. A bit too much slow songs too, if you ask me.

Velvet Revolver was okay. They played a decent set, and Scott Weiland was audible which has been different at previous gigs I went to. There seemed to be a weird sound effect over his vocals, could be his wireless mic fucking up the sound.
The rest of the sound was good. You can tell these guys are veterans by the way they make the stage their own.
A decent show all in all.

The day after the show I read it was their last in this line-up, which made it more legendary then it really was.

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Velvet Revolver, Sons of Albion
Heineken Music Hall / Amsterdam

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