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Another bunch of articles that tell you how to promote your music online: is a great online community for emerging artists, musicians and music executives. It's certainly worth a visit, for anyone interested in online music promotion. Some article picks:

Build It and The Music Biz Will Come
“New bands often spend a tremendous amount of time, energy and money to find a “team” only to be disappointed when they get no takers.”

Crowdfunding - Arts Patronage For The Masses
“Today's consumers are no longer passive recipients of brand messages. They've become active participants in co-creating the brands (and bands) they love.”

Ariel Publicity is a professional music promotion and publicity company. Luckily they're not only in it for the big bucks, but also because of their love for music. On their website you can find great articles on how to do your own promotion and publicity.

How Do I Get My Music On Blogs?
“If 40 or more blog posts were made before an album's release sales ended up being three to four times the average for both independent and major label releases.”

How To Be Your Own Publicist
“Music publicity has changed drastically in the past few years. Gone are the days when just having a CD was considered a shoe-in, and gone, too, are the days where staying on the road for 6-10 months a year guaranteed a good living.”

Other great articles:

Can I avoid the internet and just stick to what I know?
“Of course you can. You might even make a very good living at it. The chances are increasingly slim, of course.”

Create Validate Sell
“Up until recently, and in a caveman sort of way, I divided the tasks of building a music business into two rock piles: a pile of things related to creating music and a pile of things related to selling music.”

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