Band promotion links II

After my last post with links about promoting your music online I found another batch of great articles.

Why You Should Have Free Music on Your Website
“But it's just a download with no physical cost, so who cares? Give it away and don't worry about it.”

On his blog Max Lowe has some great articles about using social networks to promote your music. Some picks:

The Top 10 Music Social Networks
“...ten of the best music oriented social networks currently on the Internet (that are not MySpace).”

Why Giving Your Music Away Through Social Networks Works
“First, the music of some multi-platinum superstar is not necessarily better than yours. You already know that. They just have better publicity and a built in fan base. What you have though is tools that the major studios are just starting to realize exist.”

If you have a MySpace page for your band (which you really should have), this next article from New Music Strategies is a must-read:

Five mistakes you're probably making with your MySpace page
“MySpace may not have the best user interface in the world, it may be dreadfully coded and poorly laid out, and it may be owned and operated by the man who's mentoring Beelzebub himself on business management tactics - but you still have to have one.”

Do you have any articles you think are essential for people promoting their music (both online and offline)?

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