Peter Pan Speedrock, The Goods, The Untuned @ De Kade

Local band The Untuned (sadly only very blurry photos) opened up this evening. Mostly veterans of hard and harder bands. Good songs, but a bit too static stage act.

Next band, The Goods are one of the younger bands from Eindhoven Rockcity. Like all their fellow bands, they rock hard, but where Peter Pan Speedrock is a modern take on Motörhead, The Goods take their inspiration from 80s and 90s hard rock and hair metal.

The Goods
The Goods

During Peter Pan Speedrock I did what everyone should do during a PPS show: sing along with a beer in one hand, and watch horified when Dikke Dennis shows his naked self. I'll spare you those pictures.

Peter Pan Speedrock
Peter Pan Speedrock

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Peter Pan Speedrock, the Untuned, The Goods
Kade, de / Zaandam

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