Review: Furio - A Hit is A Hit

Furio, the band formerly known as the Hetero's from Hell, is a hard rockin' trio from Amsterdam/Zaandam. They can best be compared to bands as the Spades: fast, loud and dirty. To the garage rock they've added some 80s metal solo's. I've seen 'm live a few times, and they put on a great rock show.

Recently they recorded an EP which is completely downloadable from their website. It clocks in just over 10 minutes with 4 songs. The sound fits the genre very well: dirty and over the top.
The only thing that started irritating me almost immidiatlty is the effect over the vocals. It sounds like the mic was thrown at the floor a few times before the vocals where recorded.
The songs are as catchy as 2 minute songs about crack ho's and slaves can be. If they would release an entire album with songs like this I'd buy it, well, if they'd rerecord the vocals...

Nice demo, but not as good as their live show, which I'm gonna see tonight.

+ Good songs
- The effect on the vocals sucks

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