Band Top 10 - January 2008

Quit a while ago I posted about the top 10 bands in my Last.FM Overall Top Artists list. Now, just about 2 years later, I thought I'd post about my current top 10 and the changes in the top.

Current top 10
1. Turbonegro (570 listens)
2. The Hellacopters (522 listens)
3. Danko Jones (512 listens)
4. Zeke (447 listens)
5. Coheed and Cambria (442 listens)
6. Supergrass (393 listens)
7. Supersuckers (345 listens)
8. Gluecifer (340 listens)
9. The Hives (336 listens)
10. Sparta (334 listens)

My top 10 in december 2005
1. Zeke (348 listens)
2 .The Hellacopters (328 listens)
3. Turbonegro (323 listens)
4. Danko Jones (282 listens)
5. Supersuckers (258 listens)
6. Guns N' Roses (232 listens)
7. Gluecifer (221 listens)
8. None More Black (212 listens)
9. The Rolling Stones (198 listens)
10. Sparta (185 listens)

Gone from the top 10 with current position and nr of listens:
11. Guns N' Roses (295 listens)
As you can see I didn't listen to much Guns N' Roses the last 2 years. Seeing them live in their current state spoiled them a bit for me.

15. None More Black (247 listens)
Still like 'm, just kind of stopped listening to their brand of hardcore/punk. I wouldn't even know if they still exist or if there are more albums out.

16. The Rolling Stones (245 listens)
I had a big Stones thing going on 2 years back. Still like them, but these days I'm more into other 60s stuff. The raw sound of garage rock bands like the Sonics are more my thing nowadays. (If anyone has recommendations, just let me know!)

New in the top 10:
Coheed and Cambria
The odd one out in my Top 10 list. Bombastic, over the top, symphonic prog, all things I usually don't like, and yet Coheed just does it for me. Great band live too.

My favorite band of the wave of britpop bands in the 90s. I love their Road to Rouen album (too short though!).

The Hives
At first I didn't really like their latest album, but after a few more listens I just put it on almost every day.

Other changes/remarks
I didn't even notice I listened that much Turbonegro, Hellacopters and Danko Jones anymore. I do have all their albums, so I guess they just pass by often when I listen to my complete mp3 collection.
Sparta was on its way out of the top 10, till I got their latest album, which has been on high rotation lately.

I thought the list would have changed more in two years. It's probably much the same because most of the bands I listen too just stay in my playlist for a short time, or just have one or two albums out (or even less).

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The Purple Mini

January 23rd, 2008 | 4:04

I LOVE the Hellacopters. You are a man of great taste.
The Purple Mini

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