Kanipchen-fit & Rene SG at the OCCII

When Kanipchen-fit entered the stage I was afraid we would get some arty farty crap. Luckily the duo with their combination of drum computer, vocals and guitar was pretty good. The rhythms where simple but effective, both vocalists complimented each other well and the guitar parts where very good.
Soulful and bluesy.


Next was Rene SG, the Dutch Zeke. In under 20 minutes they played over 20 songs. A tight set with all the hits. A must see for all speedrock fans. Minimalistic punkrock: Like the Ramones stripped down 50s and 60s rock and pop to its essence, Rene SG strips down Zeke beyond its essence.

Rene SG

Rene SG
Rene SG

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Rene SG, Kanipchen-fit
OCCII / Amsterdam

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