Gig Review: Jawohl! Super Super Toll!

Friday 27th january my girlfriend dragged me to Wormerveer as she had a gig there. Together with Der Einzelgängers and the Curtains And Their Terrifying Story her band Paralyzed would play that evening in the Impuls.

After paying the enormous amount of 3 euro I entered the shoebox that is the Impuls. The local alto and punk kids had gathered, not knowing what historical evening they would have. A true sensation!
Der Einzelgängers stormed the stage. They immediately started their show.... well, they immediately started searching for something, I'm not sure what, seemed like they misplaced their lyric sheets. But once they started I was blown away! I witnessed a truly mind-altering experience. The Netherlands most German Electro outfit rocked the stage!
Songs about arty fags, mass production and the Berlin techno scene followed each other rapidly. After 4 songs Der Einzelgängers left the stage as sudden as they arrived, leaving the audience in shock and awe.
Super super super toll!

Next was Paralyzed. They gave a nice show hindered by some small technical problems. They were better the weekend before in Winston, Amsterdam, but overall it was a good show. I've really seen them grow since I first saw them live. The songs are good, the stage presence is energetic, it only could be a little tighter.

Last on stage, the Curtains. I've seen them about 7 times now, and changing their roles in the band was the best thing they've done. The vocals of Jesse match their Dandy Warhols/Black Rebel Motorcycle Club inspired rock pretty good.
Where I think the drumwork of Paralyzed could be a little less busy and chaotic, the drumwork of the Curtains is too simple. It's tight, but boring. The chord progressions reminded me of the Dandy Warhols just a little too much, but I like the songs. Sadly the Curtains had even more technical problems than Paralyzed, which didn't help with getting the crowds' attention.

After the Curtains some local punks had entered the stage to jam, over which one of the worst rappers ever tried to freestyle, so I was glad when my girlfriend and I had to leave to catch the last train.

Except for the technical problems, a great evening!

Review of:

Paralyzed, the Curtains And Their Terrifying Story, Der Einzelgängers
Impuls / Wormerveer

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February 11th, 2006 | 13:27

Thank you for this very enervating review of our shows, it was a pleasure ;)


February 25th, 2006 | 17:34

Dear friend, you have your lucky day.. Der Einzelgangers Demo Eins is online! check it out!


February 25th, 2006 | 20:45

Even though I hate (HATE HATE) myspace, I'll add a link.

I already downloaded the mp3s!

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