Review & Pictures: Aiden, Blind Trash, Waterdown

Last Tuesday there was a free concert for year members at the Melkweg. Usually this means lots of old rockers, but the mentioning of emo in the description of the bands on the Melkweg site must have scared them of. Still, it was rather busy, but with younger emo kids. More striped shirts than you can shake a stick at, not so much star-shaped tattoos. Probably because their parents won't let them get one.

First band was Blind Trash, a Dutch post-hardcore band. Nice songs, good vocals, the vocalist should try to define his own sound more: some of the melody lines were a bit too Face Tommorow-ish. The guitarist with the digital effect pedal should lose it. Way too nu-metal, and way too digital. I did like them enough to buy their cd. It's always good to discover promising Dutch acts.

Blind TrashBlind Trash

Next was Waterdown, a German hardcore band. Two parts straight up hardcore, one part metalcore, with a dash of melody. Very likeable guys. The two vocalists had a broad assortment of screams, grunts and shouts. Extra points for the Refused cover!
I'd say they were the best band of the evening.


The last band was a disappointment. Aiden looked like a cheap cross between AFI and Good Charlotte and that was also the way the sounded. Unmemorable and standard punk pop we all heard a million times before. Another case of more attention for looks than for music. If they're gonna spend so much time on their appearance instead of their songs, you'd think they also could find time to go to the gym.



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Aiden, Waterdown, Blind Trash
Melkweg / Amsterdam

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