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Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to my original hometown Edam to got to the Singelfestival. When heard they would play, we thought it would be a good opportunity to combine a good meal at my parents with some good music.

After the meal, which was indeed very good, we went to the festival. It was raining a bit, but the sky was beautiful. There was not just one, but two rainbows.


Jim Speelmans, a stand-up comedian, opened. He was good, but was bitching a bit too much about the lack of enthousiasm of the crowd, and the best bits we'd allready seen him do on the Comedy Factory.

Then the band we came for: Skip the Rush. It's hard to describe them. I'd say they're to alternative rock, what post-hardcore is to hardcore. Intelligent rock that's still catchy.

Skip the Rush
Time to rock

They played a good set. The new songs we first heard in the Winston are very good. I hope the new album will be out soon.

It was a rough night for the mic stand

Bow was looking weirder on the other photo we took

Jaap in a pole
Don't ask why

I'm not sure why Jaap, the singer, decided he needed to climb up a pole. It took him 2 tries, the first pole wasn't cooperating.

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Skip the Rush
Singelfestival / Edam

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September 24th, 2006 | 17:55

Jaap tends to climb everything that is not meant to be climbed :) He usually demolishes something, or gets hurt during these actions.

Oh, there are always two rainbows! Only the second one is less visible, so there must be enough moisture and sunlight to make it visible.

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