Gig Review: A Wilhelm Scream, Rise Against

The first band, Berri Txarrak was a Basque alternative rock band. Some of their songs sounded like a System of a Down rip-off, while other songs were more melodic punk. The sound during their gig was pretty bad, and most of the time I couldn't hear if the singer was singing in Basque or English.
Let's just say, I didn't become a fan.

I wasn't too familiar with A Wilhelm Scream before the gig, but the few songs I heard from them sounded very good. They sounded like a very good match with Rise Against. The songs I heard immediately got stuck in my head. Their show was okay, very energetic, reasonable sound. What I did find regrettable was that live they weren't as melodic as on album.
Both the vocals and the guitars weren't just as good as they could have been. Also, sometimes in the faster bits the drums and the rest of band didn't seem to follow the same rhythm.
Overall nice show to watch, but not as well as I hoped. The songs I knew already did give me enough reason to check out more from them. If they come back to Amsterdam I'll certainly be there.

When Rise Against entered the stage, I first wondered who the crusty was before recognizing him as Tim McIlrath, their singer. His current hairdo rates as a top ten entry in the 'Things not to do with your hair when you are getting bald'. Luckily this didn't influence his singing one bit, as Rise Against gave away a terrific show.

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Rise Against, Berri Txarrak, A Wilhelm Scream
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