Gig Review: the D-Sailors, the Bouncing Souls

My girlfriend and I had bought tickets for the Thursday gig tonight. They would play together with the Bouncing Souls and Pennywise, 2 bands I don't exactly care for anymore.

We should have checked the Melkweg site...

Thursday was cancelled and replaced by the D-Sailors, a German punk band. They played '90s melodic punk with some post-hardcore bits thrown in. The songs weren't really bad, but the vocals lacked power, which sucked every bit of energy out of the songs.

The Bouncing Souls still played the same simple singaling pop punk they played in the '90s. And I still didn't like it.

Because I'm cranky old fart these days, I didn't stay for Pennywise. I had seen enough '90s music in one hour for the next few years.

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the D-Sailors, The Bouncing Souls
Melkweg / Amsterdam

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