Gig Review: Trashlight Vision, Supagroup, Backyard Babies

Backyard Babies, one of my favorites in the garage punk genre played the Patronaat, so a couple of friends and I decided to go there.

The first opening band, Trashlight Vision, was expecially good in shopping for a good old fashioned punkrock outfit. Musically they played a mix of 77s punk and hair metal, the songs were a bit mediocre.
The Gn'R roses cover rocked, though!

Next was Supagroup. They obviously spend less time shopping and more time writing good songs. A good old fashioned rock show.
A lot like AC/DC but quicker, louder and dirtier. good catchy songs. Southern rock on speed.

Finally, Backyard Babies took to the stage. They looked like a bunch of alocholics and junkies, especially Dregen didn't look too fresh. Even so, the show rocked. The older songs sounded great. Too bad the new songs didn't really stick.

Great evening with Supagroup being a very nice surprise!

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Backyard Babies, Supagroup, Trashlight Vision
Patronaat / Haarlem

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