Gig Review: Thrice, Hundred Reasons

It's been a bit too long since I updated this journal, so I have plenty of shows to review. I'll keep 'm short so I can catch up quickly.

More than a month ago we went to see Thrice in the Melkweg.

Opening act was Hundred Reasons. They got potential, but the singer really needs to learn how to use a microphone. Everytime he sang hard he moved the mic so far away from his mouth it wasn't audible, and everytime he sang soflty, he had the mic so close to his mouth the sound started distoring.

Thrice was vey good. The new songs are good, but not very hard and fast, so it wasn't a really explosive show. Compared to Hundred Reasons you notice they've been in the game a bit longer. The sound was completely right.

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Thrice, Hundred Reasons
Melkweg / Amsterdam

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