Gig Review: Beatallica, the Punkles

Last week I went to the ultimate Beatles tribute with a couple of friends. Both the Punkles and Beatallica played.

The Punkles are the love child of the Ramones and the Beatles. Nice idea, you'd think I would like it, but I wasn't impressed.
While a punk cover band like Me First and the Gimme Gimmes manages to keep the songs melodic and poppy, I didn't recognize half of the songs from the Punkles. The Punkles also just look too much like extras from a German krimi.

the Punkles
The Punkles

Beatallica did impress me. I already knew their Metallica meets the Beatles songs are funny. Who doesn't like songs like 'Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath pub band', 'A Garage Dayz Nite' and 'Hey Dude'?

Live they managed to get the complete audience to rock out. Their stage act was rock solid. And hearing a room full of metal heads and other assorted scum sing along to 'Hey Dude' was a great way to conclude the evening.

Good to hear Beatles songs can rock.

I still like the Stones better, though.



Some of my crazy friends:

Finger lickin' good!

Knoedel being Knoedel.

Jimmy Shelter
I know, I'm a handsome motherfucker.

Thanks to Jap for the photos!

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Beatallica, the Punkles
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May 3rd, 2006 | 23:59

The Rolling Stones better then the Beatles? Probally only when Brian Jones was still in the band.. When he died they went downhill..

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