Gig Review: The Curtains

Last friday my girlfriend and I went to see Atreides and the Curtains And Their Terrifying Story play at SCWO in Wormer.

Unfortunatly we arrived during the last few chords of the last Atreides song, so we didn't see if they could equal their performace at the Noord-Hollands Glorie.

The Curtains performed a decent set, but I've seen them better. A bit too much of their slower songs at the end of their show. Later I heard they skipped a few of their uptempo songs, because their drummer recently fell down the stairs. Still, even considering that, I'll repeat my main complaints about the Curtains: too much similar songs and too boring drums.

Other than that, I really like them. They'd be the perfect band for a lazy afternoon lying in the grass at a summer festival.

And they should buy a smoke machine.

I only catched one and a half song from the next band, Laboratory Sickness, and I knew that was enough. Their kind of death/trash/black metal ain't my cup of tea, and never will be.

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the Curtains And Their Terrifying Story
SCWO / Wormer

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