Gig Review: Federation X

At the same night as the Wally Tax memorial in the Melkweg the American band Federation X would also play. Described by the Melkweg as a bizarre trio of extreme trailer park rejects, my interest was peaked.

Thanks to a last minute change in the order in which the bands would play, I missed the beginning of their show. Pretty fucked up, because what I did see was very, very good. The first few songs I saw where in a very minimal line-up of one guitar, drums and vocals, but they managed to produce more sound than most other bands. Later the singer also picked up a guitar.

Heavy, fuzzy guitars, distorted vocals and a maniac on drums, what's not to like? The guys look like a bunch of neanderthals, with more facial hair than your dad had in the seventies. Musically you could describe them as swamp rock: a dirtier, sleazier type of stoner metal than their desert counterparts.

Too bad I seemed to be one of the few people enjoying it, most people seemed a bit dumbstruck by the extreme loudness of it all. Apparently the fans of the late Wally Tax aren't used to real rock 'n roll any more. Well, that's their loss, I had a blast.

Download: Federation X - Hydrogen Nitrogen & Bullshit

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Federation X
Melkweg / Amsterdam

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