Gig Review: Skip the Rush

Skip the Rush, one of the best Dutch bands of the moment, played an all acoustic set in café de Koe in Amsterdam this Sunday afternoon. Together with one of her band members, my girlfriend and I went there to see & hear them play. It's hard to describe their sound. 'Pop songs with loud guitars and funny high vocals' is how they recently described themselves. I'd compare them to bands like Placebo and Sparta. Basically it's intelligent alternative rock with a melancholic touch to it.

Usually I'm not too fond of bands playing their set acoustically. But even though I've already seen them perform a few times, I still was impressed. The dynamic guitar parts & vocals combined with the steady base provided by the percussion and bass, made sure the songs of Skip the Rush didn't lose one bit of power.

They played some new songs, which I really liked. The 20th of April they will perform a set with only new songs in the Winston Kingdom venue in Amsterdam. I'll certainly be there!

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Skip the Rush
Café de Koe / Amsterdam

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April 10th, 2006 | 19:59

Two days in a row in the winston then. :)

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