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It's februari now, so you changes are you already are struggling with your (musical) goals you set for yourself or your band. Here are some articles that could help you:

How to Set and Reach Your Music Goals
Fuzzy goals lead to fuzzy actions and fuzzy results -- things that won't serve you well.

A Musicians Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals for 2009
This article is designed to assist you in creating a personal roadmap for achieving what you would like with your musical career this year, whether you consider music your hobby or you are making a living out of it full-time.

Planning to record in a studio in 2009?
10 Tips for Success in the Recording Studio
Some very basic advice, but I wish I had known this the first time we recorded in a studio!

Interested in using Twitter to promote your band in the next year?
Best Music Business Practices for Twitter
It's part 1 in a 10 part series, so plenty of quality tips to get you started!

Ready to try some out of the box ideas in the next year?
Sell More Cds at Shows By Not Naming the Price

Do your setlists miss something? Does your live show start great but fizzle out near the end?
Write a Killer Setlist

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Serve The Song

March 19th, 2009 | 22:03

Thanks for the link!

Here's one more article about Twitter for band promotion:

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