5 underground bands I discovered through Last.fm and MySpace

There's always people saying there isn't any good music made anymore. Well, those people are dead wrong. Thanks to cheaper and better recording equipment and the internet, with sites as Last.fm and MySpace every band can have their sounds heard all over the world.

This article highlights 5 great underground bands I discovered through either Last.fm or MySpace.

The Heartburns

Probably a great unknown outside of Finland, the Heartburns produce catchy, dirty punk somewhere between Zeke and the Ramones. Fast, furious and filthy.

The Heartburns @ Last.fm
The Heartburns @ MySpace

The King Khan & BBQ Show

Both King Khan (aka Blacksnake) and BBQ (Mark Sultan) have been around producing quality garage rock and punk for quite some time. They played together in the Spaceshits, and apart Les Sexareenos and their latest projects King Khan & The Shrines and BBQ. Together again this time as a duo, they make 60s inspired garage rock.

The King Khan & BBQ Show - Fish Fight

The King Khan & BBQ Show @ Last.fm
The King Khan & BBQ Show @ MySpace

Ghetto Ways

More garage rock! Forget all those bands labeled as garage rock that really come from shiny rehearsel studios. There's so much real garage rock to be found.

Ghetto Ways @ Last.fm
Ghetto Ways @ MySpace

The Ettes

You might have noticed by now I like garage rock. These two ladies and one gentleman know how to produce some fine rock'n'roll.

The Ettes @ MySpace
The Ettes @ MySpace

The Bombettes

From the label of Dennis Lyxzén of Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy fame come another bunch of rocking ladies. Catchy garage punk galore.

The Bombettes @ Last.fm
The Bombettes @ MySpace

Red Fang

Queens of the Stoneage is too pop for you? You'd rather go back to ye olden days when all stoner rock was low and loud? Meet Red Fang: Stoner metal with just a dash of grunge (not the whiney kind, the good kind).

Red Fang @ Last.fm
Red Fang @ MySpace

Want more?

Who doesn't? I want more too!

Which bands did you discover with Last.fm and MySpace or other sites? Which bands should the world discover?

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2 comments on “5 underground bands I discovered through Last.fm and MySpace”

Nat JM

February 1st, 2009 | 20:56

Loving The Bombettes video! Going to Google them to find more of their music :-)


May 25th, 2010 | 3:53

the bombettes totally stole the guitar beat from nirvana's "breed" i disapprove!!

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